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Limnos Hotels, Ξενοδοχεία Λήμνου

All About Limnos


The island of Lemnos is the eighth largest of the Greek island located in the NE Aegean between Lesbos, Samothrace, Ag.Efstratios Island and the Mount Athos. The capital of the island is Myrina.


The binding of iron by the name of the first inhabitants of Lemnos is unprecedented.

Today's place names and a very small island in the northwest of Lemnos, called ferrite Sergitsi or witness the event.
From the 8th century BC settled in Lemnos by Pelasgians, as well as in Imbros and Samothrace. They came from Attica persecuted and deported them Minyans, who until then diafentefan the island.

Hephaestus had its capital, but lived on the island. In the castle is preserved part of the wall which they built. So often called Lemnos Dipolis.

With the Roman conquest of Lemnos experienced a period of peace and cultural advancement, culminating in the appearance of the family of the sophists, orators and teachers Philostratus during their second and third centuries AD

During the Trojan War, Lemnos Philoctetes stayed when he left his comrades injured by snake bite. He lived in a cave and healed with the help of Lemnos earth

The Kabeiroi

Hephaestus taking his bride to the bride made a Kaveiron Kadmilo the child. Afterwards, he Kadmilos kabiris three sons. The form of these infernal spirits of the sea decorate various artifacts of the era. The word kabiris probably comes from the Semitic kavirim which means strong, From the Greek or burn. Cancers were called, and a blacksmith's tongs refer to the famous crabs.


Kaveiria mysteries

It was the annual celebration in honor of the homonymous sanctuary Kaveiron located in the northeast of the island. The celebration lasted for nine days and was associated with the rebirth of nature and fertility of the earth.


The island also hosts a large population of Partridge island. Keeping forbidden due to hunting as well as the lack of so-called "vermin." Also impressive are the Flamingo, the Tsalapetinoi hawks and many others.


On the island there are many prickly burnet, the famous thyme, oregano and many are fragrant fyta.Axiologo ypoleinnatiko "forest" acorn between the villages and Repanidi Kontopouli.


The architectural status of Lemnos testify architectural 'treasures' from the stone mansions, imposing churches to windmills.
Important archaeological sites is the Castle of Myrina, Fortress Kotsinas, Kaviria of the sanctuary, the cave of Philoctetes, the Poliochni Paleolithic settlement in the strap, the Temple of Artemis.